Faribault Wrestling Frequently Asked Questions (PDF version)


Q: When does the wrestling season start?

A: It depends on what program you’re talking about. Generally speaking the Youth In-House     Elementary Program starts the earliest in October. It is a short 4-5 week program that familiarizes your child with the sport of wrestling. If your child likes the sport, they may then sign up for a more competitive Youth Traveling program with the Faribault Wrestling Club. The Middle School Program starts in November and runs through the end of January. The High School Program begins in November and ends at the beginning of March.

Q: What is the difference between the “Youth In House Elementary Program” and the “Youth Traveling Program”?

A: The primary difference is that the Youth In House Program is a shorter program that helps your child gets acquainted with the sport of wrestling. It involves the Elementary Schools such as Lincoln, Jefferson, Roosevelt and the Academies. They compete in a Dual meet format and end the season with a City Individual Tournament. If they like what they are learning, they are encouraged to join the more competitive Youth Traveling Program. The Traveling Program wrestles other towns in both single and team tournaments.

Q: If you sign up for the Youth Traveling Program, do you have to attend all the practices and tournaments?

A: As in the Elementary In House Program, it is encouraged that your child attends all the practices to gain as much knowledge as possible, but it is not mandatory. The beauty of the Traveling Program is that your child can pick and choose what practices and tournaments that he/ she would like to attend. We all have families and other responsibilities, so attendance is a personal decision.

Q: I heard that the Youth Traveling Program has tournaments every weekend?

A: Well again, you can choose what tournaments that you want to attend. The Wrestling Club sanctions certain tournaments, so club members are encouraged to attend. These are the tournaments that are listed on the Youth calendar which is on the website. Normally, they will list one a weekend, but there are multiple tournaments listed each weekend throughout the state. You can go onto the website www.theguillotine.com to see more options.


Q: How do you get selected to participate in a Youth Team Tournament?

A: Typically, the tournament information will be announced at practice by the Youth Coaches. The dates of the club sanctioned tournaments are listed on the website calendar. There is also a signup board that hangs in the wrestling room that list the various weight classes that your child can pick from. Coach Babcock will attempt to pick different wrestlers throughout the season, so more wrestlers will get the opportunity to experience the team atmosphere and excitement. In cases where multiple kids express interest in a weight class, Coach Babcock may require a “wrestle off“ to determine the wrestler at each weight. Generally speaking, team tournaments are for Grades K-6th , with some split team tournaments running K-3rd & 4th-6th.  In a given season the club will wrestle in approximately 5-6 team tournaments, which will consist of 15 weight classes and six alternates.

Q: I have heard coaches refer to different wrestling organizations by the acronyms NYWA, MN/USA and MYAS. What do they stand for and how would you qualify for them?

A: That is a great question! The Faribault Wrestling Club is associated with each of these organizations and sends wrestlers to compete in their singles and team tournaments. As for the acronym NYWA, it stands for the Northland Youth Wrestling Association. They sanction wrestlers from Kindergarten through 8th Grade and it is based on your child’s current grade level. To compete in this organization you can purchase a membership card ($12.00) via their website, which is linked to the FWC’s website. A membership card can also be purchased in person at the time of the District qualifier. They have multiple District qualifiers in which you have to finish in the top two places in order to advance to Regions. At your local Regions, your child must finish in the top three in his bracket to advance to the annual State Tournament held in Rochester, MN. There is a nominal fee associated with each of these tournaments.

     The acronym MN/USA stands for the Minnesota/United States of America organization which is an affiliate member of USA Wrestling. They sanction wrestlers from Kindergarten through 12th Grade and it is based on your child’s birth year. To participate in their tournaments you must also go to their website to sign up for an annual membership card ($35.00). This card allows your child to participate in not only Folkstyle tournaments, but also Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling tournaments. To qualify for their Folkstyle and Freestyle State Tournaments you must earn 25 points at one or more of their qualifiers. With a 1st place finish you would receive 40 points, 2nd-25 points, 3rd-10 points and no points awarded for 4th place. You can wrestle in as many qualifiers until you acquire the appropriate points needed to participate at state. With Greco-Roman wrestling you do not need to qualify for the State Tournament, although you will be required to pre-register on their website.

        Finally, the MYAS acronym stands for Minnesota Youth Athletic Services which is associated with Gopher State Nationals. This is a National Tournament held annually in Monticello, MN. Gopher State National sanctions wrestlers from Kindergarten through 8th Grade and is also based on your child’s current grade level. There are no qualifiers to participate in this National tournament, but there is a $30.00 registration fee. Pre-registration for this event is also required on-line.

Q: What is Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling? Do we as a club provide these programs?

A: The Faribault Wrestling Club provides three different disciplines when it comes to wrestling. Our primary style is Folkstyle, which is a form of amateur wrestling used throughout the United States. It is used in our Youth, Middle Schools, High Schools and Colleges. The ultimate goal is to use your hands, arms or legs to pin your opponent. At the end of the Folkstyle Season, two other options become available to club members; they are Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling. Freestyle Wrestling is recognized as an Olympic sport with its ultimate goal to throw and pin your opponent to the mat. You can use your opponent’s legs in both offensive and defensive situations. As for Greco–Roman wrestling, it forbids holds below the waist and encourages upper body throws. It is also recognized as an Olympic Sport. If you are interested in any of the programs, please contact one of the High School or Youth coaches for more information.

Q: How can I help out or volunteer my time to the Faribault Wrestling Club?

A: The Faribault Wrestling Club has many opportunities for Parents and Children to get involved. Throughout the season the club holds various fundraisers and needs volunteers. Some of the fundraisers include a pancake breakfast, spaghetti dinner, heritage day concessions, salt sales, cookie dough sales, and clothing sales to name a few. The Faribault Wrestling Board is also looking for board members that want to be more involved. If you can’t find the time to assist in volunteering, but you still would like to help out, you can make a charitable donation to the Faribault Wrestling Club. Please feel free to Contact a board member or coach for further details.